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Moms are Essential Workers

The pandemic has been extra tough on moms - so celebrate her like the superhero she is!

Wear your reminder. Support moms everywhere.

Vaxxed and Proud

It’s time to be loud, celebratory, and proud about getting vaccinated.

Most importantly, every bracelet directly helps get the vaccine to people who need it.

Motherhood is HARD WORK

Your strength as a mom deserves to be celebrated and supported.

Each bracelet donates to LIFT - an incredible organization that empowers low-income parents to survive and thrive.

For the mom with superpowers (aka every mom we know!)

For the working mom who's a full time professional and parent...

For the activist mom fighting for Covid safety in schools...

10% donated to LIFT

10% donated to LIFT

10% donated to LIFT

LIFT Communities

10% of every Super Mom bracelet sale donates directly to LIFT, an amazing organization that partners with low-income parents to break the cycle of poverty and build prosperity, lifting two generations at once.

Wear your support for the moms who do the most to create better futures!

You Deserve to Call Yourself a Super Mom

Yeah, YOU.

During the pandemic, moms are three times more likely than fathers to do most of the domestic labor and childcare. Usually those kinds of work increases come with promotions and raises, don't they? 🤔

Well, the world tells us that women are "natural caretakers," and that the work of moms isn't "real work." That needs to change. The things moms do are ACCOMPLISHMENTS, and we should celebrate them just like we would for any other job.

So take a moment, breathe, and remind yourself that you do something amazing every day.

Thank you to all the Super Moms out there for caring -
about your children, about your community, and about the world.

Your strength as a mom deserves to be celebrated!

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