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About Us

our mission

We are committed to ethically-made products that support organizations building a more equal world.

We believe in creating a community of changemakers, and leveraging our collective purchasing power to drive change.

our story.

from the top

This company was founded on the idea that brands have the power to be vehicles for change.

We started in 2013 as a jewelry company supporting opportunity for female entrepreneurs in Kenya through microloans. Over the last five years, we’ve grown and expanded our cause areas to include a range of partners moving the needle on causes — from women’s health to climate change.

When you shop with us, you are not only helping us invest in organizations driving change — you are joining a community of changemakers — advocates, mentors, volunteers, and doers that together, stand up against injustice and build the world we want to see.

Thank you for being part of our story.

our team

Elana Reinholtz
Favorite Cause:
Climate Justice
Caitlin Kawaguchi
Director of Marketing & Partnerships
Favorite Cause:
Women in Politics
Maria Flores Galindo
Production/Creative Lead
Favorite Cause:
Poverty Alleviation
Casielle Gaerlan
Junior Designer
Favorite Cause:
Refugees & Immigrants
Clara Williams
Customer Experience Lead
Favorite Causes:
Women’s Health & Racial Justice
Elizabeth Anderson
Marketing & eCommerce Associate
Favorite Cause:
Civil Liberties
Eden Bray
Social & Community Intern
Favorite Cause:
Racial Justice
Mary Katherine Bedway
Impact Intern
Favorite Causes:
Racial Justice & Civil Liberties
Ellie Turner
Digital Design Intern
Favorite Cause:
Girls’ Education

In Elana’s words:

"I was on the ground going from village to village on foot or on a moped teaching basic accounting and business skills, sometimes in a hut, sometimes outside with the content nailed to a tree. I checked up on the microloans the women received as part of this program - seeing how the loan changed their life - increasing their income by 4x, allowing them to expand their business and afford things like fresh water and healthcare for the first time.

The trip was a huge turning point for me in fully realizing my privilege of growing up in a country with a healthy and mature economy, schools that allowed upward mobility and job prospects. What struck me the most about the women I worked with was how passionate and driven they were - but how the system failed them - and now they are single mothers with children trying to scrape together money to send their children to school for a better life.

In that moment, I realized the untapped potential of creating opportunity for women and what could happen if everyone had the ability to pursue their dream. So, when I returned from Kenya, I vowed to continue to support programs that invest in increasing opportunity and building a more equal world. I used the same model that had allowed me to fundraise for the trip - affordable jewelry - as the funding vehicle to support these organizations.

Bird + Stone ("two birds with one stone") was founded as a platform for combining our individual buying power and use a percentage of profits from each purchase to fund world-changing programs with jewelry you'd already be buying. You can't give $10,000 and I can’t give $10,000 - but together we can."

As we've grown in size and partners, our mission has remained the same: we believe in the power of community to make a difference, and are excited to create opportunities for every consumer to be a "micro-philanthropist", making meaningful change with each purchase.

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