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Never Forget.

This International Holocaust Remembrance Day, we recommit to fighting hate in all forms.

We can't stay silent.

"I founded Bird + Stone to support organizations that
fight injustice, and inspire people to take action.

And as a third generation Holocaust survivor, this issue is personal to me.

I created this reminder to keep talking about the Holocaust.  
Even though it's hard, it's so important to educate against hate and intolerance."

- Elana, Bird + Stone Founder/CEO

Each bracelet donates 100% of profits to support training for thousand of teachers through the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center.

Their programs are compelling and enlightening, making the past personally relevant while encouraging future leaders to be rescuers and resisters in the face of prejudice and hate.

Don't Let History Be Forgotten

66% of millennials could not identify what
Auschwitz was, and 22% had not heard of or were unfamiliar with the Holocaust.

Only 10 states require schools to teach
students about the Holocaust.

Every bracelet donates to the Holocaust & Human Rights Education Center, which helps students & teachers understand the Holocaust and related issues, while providing a lens through which to view all other human rights violations.

Learn. Share. Start conversations.

The Museum of Jewish Heritage compiled a list of books that can help educate on the history of the the Holocaust. By remembering the past, we can help create a better future.

What does it mean to be born in a concentration camp, arguably one of the most inhospitable places on earth? Eva Clarke was one of three “miracle babies” who saw the light of day in KZ Mauthausen in Austria. Learn more about her story in the video above.

A Reminder to Fight Hate.

As fewer survivors are around, we need to educate ourselves that
this can happen again, and we must be aware. It is our responsibility to not be indifferent to the suffering of others. Wear a reminder to 'Never Forget'.

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