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production and manufacturing

All of our products are ethically made in the USA. Our beaded products are assembled by our production team in Harlem, and we manufacture our custom metal pieces in midtown Manhattan, and our metal cuffs in Rhode Island. Our founder visits the factory multiple times a month, and we are closely engaged with the manufacturing process.

Although keeping production in the US means that our production costs are higher, we are committed to supporting the local economy - and recognize that these costs enable us to pay fair wages to the 40 factory employees and ensure that the factory complies with high environmental standards.

We are committed to using sustainable materials in our jewelry production whenever possible. All of our cuffs are made with upcycled brass, as are our custom metal beads. We also have an upcycled line of necklaces made with recycled glass beads handmade in Ghana.


This company was founded on the idea that brands have the power to be vehicles for change. For us, this means not only ensuring that our jewelry is made ethically, but also donating a portion of our profits to organizations moving the needle on important causes.

We are proud to currently support the following causes through our jewelry collections. Learn more about our causes and the organizations we support here:

“Integrity and transparency are at the core of our company. I started this company as a way for all consumers to become micro-philanthropists at any stage of their lives.”
- Elana Reinholtz, Founder

Every product indicates the amount or percentage donated in the product description. We like to be transparent about the amount we’re donating, so when we say “10% is donated”, we mean that 10% of your purchase price is donated.

A 10% donation from one of our products is actually around 50% of the profits after operating costs. We’re aware some companies say they donate 100% of profits, but that can be misleading, since they can include salaries, marketing, and other operational costs in their cost of “making” the product - leaving 100% of profit beyond those costs available for donation. We want to be honest about where your money is going and the impact you’re making, so we chose this model to communicate our philanthropy.

community engagement

We allocate part of our marketing budget towards campaigns that educate our audience about our causes, our organizational partners, and how our community can take action beyond the purchase. We also make in-kind donations and collaborate with other organizations to support their work, including:

If you’re affiliated with an impact organization and would like to connect, please contact:

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