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Women's Health

Our Rights

In honor of the women's march, we launched a bracelet with Planned Parenthood of NYC to support the critical funding gap the clinics face in providing all people – regardless of income – with preventative and sexual health services. Since launching, we've raised over $50K and we won't stop there. Join us in our vision of raising $100K this year.


Our Leaders

Inspired by feminist leaders across generations, we were excited to partner with Feminist Camp to support their mission to train the next generation of leaders creating gender equality. They give participants a front-row seat to feminism in real life, beyond theory, and how they can apply their feminist passion to their professional life.

Women in Politics

Our Representation

With women holding less than 20% of seats in US Congress, we knew it was important to support a more representative political system. We partnered with the nonpartisan organization She Should Run to help them reach their goal of getting 250K women to run for office by 2030. They provide community, resources, and growth opportunities for aspiring political leaders.

End Child Marriage

Our Vow

Every year, 12 million girls are married before they turn 18. Some are as young as 8 years old. That's one girl married every three seconds. Bird + Stone is proud to partner with VOW to End Child Marriage to support local organizations working to end child marriage and help girls choose if, when, and whom to marry.

Girls' Education

Our Future

We partnered with the UN Foundation's Girl Up campaign to help support the 62 million girls that are out of school around the world. Girls face barriers like violence, funding gaps, and social pressures that keep them from getting to schools. Girl Up is working to eliminate those bariers and empower all girls to change the world.

Poverty Alleviation

Our Investment

We started by investing in microloans in the developing world because poverty disproportionately affects single mothers. Widowed women are especially vulnerable as they face challenges like not being able to legally inherit their husband's land and often have little education. That's why we partnered with the Sisi Fund – a women's collaborative on the ground that teaches business, agriculture, and accounting to women in five villages, helping them build businesses and make a living.

Environmental Protection

Our Planet

Called to action by the urgent need to fight climate change and ensure a livable future for our planet, we created the Climate Cuff to ignite conversations and inspire individuals to take action. Made of upcycled brass, this cuff donates to organizations fighting for our planet by protecting ecosystems, advocating for legislation that limits air pollution, and supporting the transition to a clean energy economy.

Choose Kindness

Our Neighbors

We love our neighbors, and believe that refugees and immigrants make our communities better. That's why we partnered with a local Brooklyn organization, the Arab-American Family Support Center, to help immigrant & refugee families access the resources they need to thrive.

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