In 2012, Elana was working in the financial services industry in New York and decided her skills could be used for good. She traveled to Kenya to volunteer with a group of 70 widowed women part of a business collaborative in rural Kenya that helped women start businesses and provide each other with support. In order to pay for the trip, she fundraised by making and selling beaded jewelry to her professional network - raising the costs she needed to volunteer. Upon meeting and working with the group of aspiring entrepreneurs, Elana witnessed lives transformed with $200 micro-loans and financial education. At that moment, she decided to dedicate her career to investing in women in the developing world through selling affordable jewelry.


Bird + Stone was founded on the principle that jewelry can do good and in fact, improve the world. We empower each consumer to be a "micro-philanthropist" - making meaningful change through the simple act of purchasing jewelry. Our mission is to inspire, educate, and most importantly help shape the dreams of deserving women who are aspiring to be independent, financially stable, and educated. By giving women opportunities in the developing world, we help them pull themselves out of poverty.


Elana Reinholtz



Visionary and chief dreamer at Bird + Stone, Elana is passionate about fighting inequality through business. She enjoys learning about and speaking on the topic of social entrepreneurship and the intersection of profit and purpose. You'll either find her practicing her Swahili or reading about economic development.

Mary Wang

Chief Marketing Officer


With a background in finance and marketing from the University of Virginia and an ardor for fashion and impact investing, she seeks to integrate her skill sets and interests to grow a company while making a social impact.  You can find her exploring museums, boutiques and restaurants in NYC, all while searching for the cutest shiba-inu dogs and taking street style photography.

Maria Flores Galindo  Production/Creative Lead


Newly arrived to New York City from Spain, her background in Fashion Accessories Design led her to join Bird + Stone in 2014 filling it with European charm. She loves creating little things with her hands, converting the philosophy of the brand into beautiful pieces. Right now, she's probably cutting delicate papers with a unique pair of scissors from her collection.

Dylan Aiello

Chief Design Officer


Renaissance man and wannabe urban-cowboy, this right-brain centric artist brings his talents in graphic design and illustration to the Bird + Stone table. You can find Dylan racing through Bushwick on his skateboard with a cold brew in-hand, probably singing a James Taylor song as loud as he can.