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Tips for a Sustainable Fall Wedding

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This is a stunning time for an outdoor wedding, and we’re excited to offer a few ways for you to make it an eco-friendly event! 

From decorations to glassware to bridesmaid gifts, we’ve got you covered!

Send paperless invitations

From the beginning of wedding planning, cut out physical planners, save the dates or invitations, and opt into using virtual materials!

We love GreenVelope for this as an alternative to sending mail thanks to its countless designs, a ton of handy features from surveys to auto-reminder, and guest list importing! To top it all of it gives back to the planet with its partnership with Mountains to Sound. You can also use free Evite templates from sites like Punchbowl or Greetings Island!

For all your wedding planning needs, you can save the paper (and the drama if you’re like us and don’t have universally readable handwriting.) by using The Knot’s free wedding planning service! This is a great place to direct attendees for additional info, the registry, and any updates. 

Give gifts that give back

We’d be remiss not to talk about Bird + Stone approved ways to thank your wedding party, and it miiiight come as a shock we think our upcycled, ethically-made in the U.S. from family-owned factories jewelry pieces are one of them. 😉 A few of our favorite options are The Future is Female cuffs which donate to protect women’s health or our VOW Bracelet which donates to end child marriage.

We think you can’t go wrong with gifts that keep on giving to remind your wedding party of your special day and commitment to making the world a better place together! 

Make your bouquets more eco-friendly

A wedding wouldn’t be complete without flowers or greenery, right? You can make your day even more eco-friendly by partnering with a local florist and using what’s growing seasonally, or by borrowing from a friend’s garden! Some florists may be open to creating arrangements from items you provide or scavenge, like in season ivy, branches, or herbs. 

Get creative with green centerpieces

Think outside of the box for your centerpieces, using foraged greenery or potted plants that can go home with the attendees are two ways to make sure the decor doesn’t go to waste. During the fall season, you can even decorate with pumpkins or squashes from local farmers! 

(Fun idea while we’re on the topic, use leaves to mark seat assignments! Grab a maple leaf or two and some non-toxic markers to finish off the beautiful place settings.)

Reuse what you already have to decorate

Grab the rugs, the couches, the side tables, old candlesticks, and bring them with you when setting up your venue! Try to skip purchasing items your venue might already provide to be as eco-friendly as possible, and save some money too. 

Eat locally and responsibly

Use local vendors for your meals and make sure the items they cook with are in season and don’t have to be shipped in for their use! If you are vegan or could eat vegan for your big day, cutting out meat helps considerably in being more eco-friendly. You can also ask your guests to help you by throwing leftover food into a bin to be used as compost!

Rethink wedding favors

Don’t waste money on items your attendees won’t use, here are a few alternatives to consider:

-Potted plants also used for centerpieces or decoration

-Glass cups and goblets from thrift stores to be used as beverage glasses throughout the event and then brought home

-Buy blankets second hand to use if the reception is mostly outside for warmth, and then can be brought home with guests

-Seeds of native flowers, greenery, or fruits and vegetables

Skip the confetti and balloons

The grand exit can still be just as grand with a hole puncher (or a heart-shaped hole puncher) and a few beautiful changing leaves from a tree near you! Just as stunning without any bothersome plastic pieces blowing in the wind.


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