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Partner Feature: Feminist Camp

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Since we launched Bird + Stone in 2013, we have been committed to being a company that gives back. We do this by partnering with amazing organizations committed to building a more equal world. Each one of our collections donates 10% to an organization.

We are so proud of the work Feminist Camp is doing to give young people platforms and voices to embrace feminism. If you want to support their work, check out our Feminism collection. And if you want to find out more about them, keep reading! We sat down with them to ask some of the questions we had a feeling you might be wondering about.

B&S: How did Feminist Camp start?

FC: The idea for Feminist Camp came to life in 2005, when Amy Richards and Jennifer Baumgardner were touring the United States in support of their new book, Grassroots. As they travelled throughout the country, they met countless passionate young feminists who knew how to do big things on their campuses—but didn't know what to do after graduation. They needed help and guidance.

(Left: Jennifer Baumgardner, Right: Amy Richards)

Through Soapbox, the feminist speakers' bureau they founded, Amy and Jennifer had extensive experience helping colleges and universities bring leading feminist speakers to inspire their communities. So they decided to invert that idea: instead of sending speakers out, they created a program that would bring all these incredible feminists together in one place. The program would facilitate conversations and professional networks between young feminists and all the amazing folks doing feminist work on the ground every day. It would serve as an opportunity to learn about some of the ways feminism can be applied beyond theory and classrooms. 

It would serve as an opportunity to learn about some of the ways feminism can be applied beyond theory and classrooms.

And so Feminist Camp was born in New York City.

B&S: What is the goal behind Feminist Camp?

FC: The mission of Feminist Camp is to empower feminists to visualize and pursue their goals. This means connecting camp attendees to leading researchers, activists, thinkers, and artists in the field, providing career advice and networking opportunities, and offering post-session support through a global alumni network.

B&S: Is Feminist Camp just for girls?

FC: While most campers identify as women, Feminist Camp welcomes participants of all genders.

B&S: How is the program structured?

FC: The structure of the camps can vary depending on location. We host day-long mini camps as well as week long programs. Typically, the themes of the camps are tailored to the specific interests of each cohort. Past camps have covered reproductive justice, gender violence, feminism and art, feminism and tech, feminist careers, and much more. We have covered topics as diverse as the harmful side of philanthropy, abortions, and the realities of life for incarcerated women. The camps also involve bringing professionals in to share their experiences and giving attendees the opportunity to network.

B&S: Do you offer scholarships?

FC: Many students are eligible for funding and course credit from their schools, and we are happy to help facilitate those conversations. If institutional support is not available, financial aid via sliding-scale tuition is made possible thanks to several generous underwriters, including our Alumni-supported Scholarship Fund. 


Bird + Stone’s support of Feminist Camp helps provide scholarships to camps for future leaders of all income levels and support their game-changing work connecting employers to diverse employees and facilitating conversations about gender equality in the workplace. 

Shop the collection here to help support Feminist Camp's inspiring work!




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