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Make a Difference from Home: Be a Virtual Volunteer!

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If you have some extra time on your hands and are looking for a way to stay involved while practicing social-distancing, we’d like to introduce you to virtual volunteering!

Virtual volunteering is an accessible alternative to physical volunteering that allows you to help others from your home. We love the wide variety of opportunities to assist communities around the nation and feel it’s a great time to work together to support each other.

If you have the time and if you have the desire, we rounded up some of our favorites for you to check out. We think it’s an excellent way to help others but also want to remind you that during this challenging time you and your needs should come first. If you want to volunteer and can, great! But if it’s a little bit too much right now, that is also perfectly okay. Take care of yourself too, we can’t pour from an empty cup after all! 

Help Preserve History

You can volunteer at the world-famous Smithsonian museum from the comfort of your couch. The Smithsonian Digital Volunteers help transcribe historical documents to make pieces of our earth’s history more accessible. Get started.

Speak Up

If you can speak another language you can help the UN translate documents or communicate during crisis. Learn more here.

Help Warm Up America

If you enjoy knitting or crocheting why not spend some time creating pieces that will serve people in need? Warm Up America! is dedicated to coordinating volunteers to knit and crochet afghans and clothing for people in need. We recommend checking with WUA! to review their preferences for receiving finished pieces at this time. Here's how to get involved.

Break Down Stereotypes

You can assist in educating the public about hidden biases by taking tests that guide research in “implicit social cognition” or thoughts or feelings out of our conscious control. Project Implicit is a non-profit organization anyone around the globe can help assist in breaking down stereotypes. Get started here.

Offer Mental Health Support 

Crisis Text Line provides free, 24/7 support for people in crisis They need volunteers who can commit at least 4 hours/week, and are especially looking for those who can volunteer in the evenings (night owls, this is for you!). Learn more here.

Use Your Voice

LibriVox is always looking for volunteers to help narrate chapters of books in the public domain! They specify it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before, all are welcome! Here's how to begin!

Discover More Opportunities!

If none of these sounded quite up your alley, Catchafire is a search tool for exclusively online volunteer opportunities. There is a vast range of time commitments and causes for any interest and skill level so you can find what best suits you! Start searching today!


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