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Greenify Your Life: 5 Ways You Can Create A Sustainable World

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Whether you want to fight the climate crisis solo in your everyday life, bring your community into the effort, or join a larger collective action, discover new ways you can contribute no matter where you are!


At Home

One of the biggest stressors on the climate is food waste in America, and over 60% of it comes from households. Try taking this 7 Day No Food Waste challenge to start a more mindful and creative relationship with food waste in your daily life!


At Work

At Work

Collective action is often thought of as something we do in our personal lives, but your workplace can be just as effective. See if your workplace already has a green team you can join, or you can start one of your own! Check out this list of easy improvements a green team can make for your company - it also has some tips about how to convince your boss that it’s a good idea!


In Politics

In Politics

For any federal environmental action to have a chance at success, state governments need to play a huge role. The U.S. Climate Alliance is a group of 24 states, and Puerto Rico, who are openly committed to fighting climate change with policy. If your state isn’t on the list, call your governor now to ask them to join - and if it is, call anyway to thank them for doing the right thing!


Your Community

With Loved Ones

Did you know that 1 in 4 of Americans are either unsure about or don’t believe in climate change? Check out these tips for effective ways to start the mind-changing conversation. For your loved ones who already want to take action, invite them to join you in another activity on this list! 



With Your Wallet

When you shop, shop sustainable! Not only does this support ecologically responsible businesses, but it sends the message to holdouts that green business is profitable. Whether you’re buying upcycled jewelry like our Cuff Bracelets, or household necessities, there’s a way to greenify every shopping cart!


More information about the statistics used here:


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