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Changemakers: Future Is Female

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We love the changemakers in our community. In fact, there’s little we love as much as hearing about how they speak and act for change in ways big and small. They are the inspiring fuel behind our work and the reason we do our job with so much gusto.

Changemakers, we are your biggest fans (if you can't tell already). A huge part of why we exist as a company is to create products that shine the spotlight on YOU. Some of your stories are so kickass that we couldn't just keep them to ourselves, so we decided to launch a new series. Each post in "Changemakers" will feature a few stories related to one of our products. First up: the Future is Female.

If you would like to connect with other inspiring community members and share your stories, join our group of changemakers !

In the meantime, meet Chris, Amy and Marissa.

In the early 1990s I marched in the DC pro-choice rally with my ERA-Yes activist mother and two van loads full of NYC pals: men, women, gay, straight… everyone. We were all in the fashion photo and publishing industry at the time. After the rally we printed the black and white film footage, and to this day I feel inspired when I look back at them. I have been a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood for the last 30 years, and will continue to support PP with my heart and my wallet until the end...


I am a sales rep for a small manufacturing plant. There is one other sales rep, a man that I like very much as a coworker. Unbeknownst to either of us, he was getting paid twice my salary for a territory about ⅔ of what mine was. The Women’s March last year gave me new confidence so I approached leadership, fought for equal pay and got it!

I march for my daughter that she may realize her worth. I march for my son that he may understand human equality. And every day, your bracelet reminds me that my voice matters. 

All of my bridesmaids loved the Future is Female bracelets! For my bachelorette, we all traveled to New Orleans the weekend of the women's march.  We had an incredible experience marching through the quarter with so many supporters, surrounded brass bands and balconies full of people. Having the bracelet as a present for them at my wedding was an amazing way to connect back to this experience.  We’re thankful for the work you do!



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