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Alternatives to Amazon: Shop Small

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Amazon’s Prime Day this year will likely net the giant millions of dollars in sales from cheap deals --  but these come at a cost. Here are just a few examples of the real price of this convenience:

  • Amazon is bad for the environment, it uses an exorbitant amount of packaging, is powered largely by fossil fuels. It’s Prime services put more vehicles on the road and therefore have an impact on emissions.

  • Amazon treats its workers poorly. Several accounts of workers being exploited have come to light with, especially during COVID. The company’s obsession with efficiency has led to injury and even death, and now employees work in unsafe conditions in close quarters during a global pandemic. The company has also fought against unions as they advocated for better working conditions.

  • Amazon has ties with ICE and Homeland Security. The company helps to facilitate the humanitarian crisis on the US-Mexico border by hosting databases that allow those agencies to track and apprehend immigrants.

  • Amazon has a history of discriminatory behavior. Over the years workers have come forward after experiencing discrimination against their religion, their race, their sexual orientation, and even for being pregnant. 

    So, instead of shopping at Amazon this week -- here are a few alternative marketplaces to support more sustainable, responsible companies:

    Simple Switch

    Ethical alternative to Amazon, Simple Switch sells totes like this, made by free women.

    Shop ethical products that make an impact with this marketplace! From clothing to food to decor this site has it all!

    The Little Market

    Small businesses like The Little Market compete with Amazon with ethical products like these beautiful handwoven bowls and wellness products.

    This marketplace hosts Fairtrade products like totes, candles, and accessories made by female artisans in need, including refugees, people with disabilities, women transitioning out of homelessness, and survivors of trafficking and domestic violence.

    BLK + GRN

    Black artisans create these beautiful pieces like this white teapot in this marketplace which is an alternative to Amazon.

    Shop this all-natural market place by all Black artisans! A great way to support the community and get amazing products from skincare to cleaning to wellness.

    Better World Books

    An alternative to buying books from Amazon, is Better World Books, this stack of novels on the company's box is just an example of some of the products you can purchase.

    If you love shopping for books on Amazon, we’ve got you covered! Better World Books is a social enterprise that helps fund literacy initiatives worldwide, diverts books from landfills, and has carbon-neutral shipping. 


    A quote from the owner of DoGood, a google add-on that helps you find alternatives to brands like Amazon. The quote reads "Ultimately, we believed that the world would be a better place if people asked where and why something is made, and by whom, and connected their purchasing actions to these questions."

    This chrome extension makes it easy to shop for ethical and sustainable brands by offering alternatives to big-name brands as you browse online.


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