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Abortion Funds Are Superheroes - Here's Why!

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Abortion is Healthcare

If someone needs an abortion but can’t access one, where can they turn?

Abortion funds are local grassroots organizations that serve as a crucial source of financial support, guidance, and other tools (like translation services or transportation) for those who need abortions. And with laws like SB8 in Texas on the books, and the Supreme Court ready to undo Roe v. Wade, we need these real-life superheroes now more than ever.

That's why our My Body My Business bracelet donates 100% of profits from every purchase to support these critical organizations.

Learn more by meeting a few of the powerhouse Texas abortion orgs we support:


1) AVOW: The Statement-Maker

In their own words: “Avow is committed to being abortion out loud and abortion positive in our approach to all our work.... We aren’t shying away from telling the truth. We ❤️ abortion.”

Avow Texas is one of the two organizations, along with Lilith Fund, that created the Know Your Rights Campaign. And there’s lots to admire about Avow - they’re a non-profit, a political action committee, and an educational program that is reducing the stigma of abortion and abortion access by embracing the label “pro-abortion” without apology. Avow's message and work are beyond inspiring.

Lilith Fund

2) Lilith Fund: The Seasoned Warrior

In their own words: “The Lilith Fund is the oldest abortion fund in Texas, serving the central and southern regions of our state with direct financial assistance for abortions.”

Abortion is part of health care (no matter what the GOP says) - but like too much of American health care, it can be shockingly expensive. Depending on the type of procedure, an abortion can cost thousands of dollars. The Lilith Fund has been paying for people’s abortions since 2001 - that’s 20 years of changing lives, and they're just getting started.


Frontera Fund

3) Frontera Fund: The Frontline Fighter

In their own words: For those of us who live along the border, access to abortion is an immigration issue. Some of us CANNOT leave.”

Like the Lilith Fund in their area of Texas, Frontera Fund provides money and other support for abortions in the Rio Grande Valley. And they’re at the center of the complex challenges of abortion access for immigrants near the Texas border. The Frontera Fund is doing incredible local work, as well as educating us about the intersectional issues within the fight for abortion access.


The Afiya Center

4) The Afiya Center: The Empowerer

In their own words: “We act to ignite the communal voices of Black womxn resulting in our full achievement of reproductive freedom.”

TAC’s Support Your Sistah is a Practical Support Fund in Texas - they provide assistance for Black womxn ranging from childcare to clinic transportation to abortion doulas. Abortion bans (like SB 8 in Texas) disproportionately affect BIPOC communities, so we’re thrilled to support The Afiya Center’s uplifting and comprehensive reproductive justice mission.


We support all of these funds and more through the Know Your Rights Campaign!

Hands Off My Body Set

No matter where you live, you can help: Donate directly to these funds, and wear your support with bracelets that donate 100% of profits from each purchase to the Know Your Rights Campaign, like our Hands Off My Body set!



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