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6 Social Justice Issues to Care About

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We don’t know about you, but with the world literally on fire and the daily injustices continuing against marginalized people, it can be hard to know where to look and how to help.

To cut through the noise, we’re kicking off a weekly blog with six opportunities to learn and get involved, from informative articles to read to calls to action. We’ll share a few of these weekly in our ‘Action Weekly’ newsletter (sign up here!) but you can always find the full list on our blog. 

Here is the news for this week: 


1. Learn the history of forced sterilization

Abolish ICE


Allegations that an ICE detention center has been performing unnecessary hysterectomies on its detainees came out this week thanks to a brave nurse, Dawn Wooten. The USA has a long history of forced sterilization of POC, going back to Native women. Learn more about this troubling history, and why we need to stop it from continuing to repeat itself. 


2. Take action on pregnancy discrimination


Protection for pregnant workers has never been more important. During this worldwide pandemic, the protections the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act would offer are critical, securing both the livelihoods and health of pregnant workers. Take 30 seconds to sign the petition here.


3. Discover why child marriage and school closings are connected


How are school closures and child marriages connected, and what can we do about it? Read more here, and support our partners at VOW to End Child Marriage to support girls in making decisions for themselves about who, and when (if ever) they marry. 


4. Keep companies liable for climate change


This roadmap will help hold people and businesses accountable for decisions they make that impact the environment! Check out how it works and make sure to share! 




Fires have been raging on the west coast, and flames still are overtaking the Amazon as we speak. For generations, these lands were cared for by the Indigenous population before they were taken, here’s what we desperately need to listen to and learn from them. 



This week there was a big push for the new National Suicide Prevention Lifeline which will be LGBTQ+ inclusive. It is just one House vote away from becoming law! Take 1 minute to let the House know 988 can’t wait.


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