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5 Organizations Increasing Representation in Politics

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Have you ever noticed our government is a liiiittle dominated by white, cis-gendered men? Us too, and we think that should change! Diversity in politics is a very important part of creating an equitable society -- input from different backgrounds, cultures, and lived experiences is important to shaping a government that works for everyone.

These five awesome organizations are just a few of the many organizations that help underrepresented communities, including women, BIPOC, and members of the LGBTQ+ community run for office. Representation matters! We hope to see many more diverse groups represented in politics, and if you have ever wanted to run- we hope these resources encourage you!

She Should Run


Starting off this list is our very own partner She Should Run! This nonpartisan nonprofit works to expand the talent pool of women running for office and to close the gender gap in politics by working towards getting 250,000 women to run by 2030. Through their organization, they provide community, resources, and growth opportunities for aspiring political leaders.

You can support She Should Run by shopping our Women in Politics collection! 

Higher Heights for America 


Proceeds from our Racial Justice collection are donated to this amazing group helping build political power for Black women, Higher Heights for America. Higher Heights for America is a nonprofit founded by Black women for Black women that supports the journey to public office. Black women are underrepresented across all levels of elected office and face unique barriers in pursuit of candidacy, this organization recognizes and works against these barriers in pursuit of equity. 

Victory Fund


Victory Fund is the only national organization devoted to electing openly LGBTQ+ people. By working to get more representation in office, Victory Fund helps to achieve equality for all LGBTQ+ Americans who are impacted by inequitable policy, legislation, and other anti-LGBTQ+ efforts. 



The Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) is a nonprofit dedicated to increasing Asian Pacific American participation and representation in politics through leadership development, building knowledge of public politics, and creating a pathway for Asian Pacific Americans to run for office at all levels of the political process. Asian Pacific Americans lack adequate political representation, especially in women who often despite being as qualified as their white or male counterparts face more scrutiny and obstacles in pursuit of candidacy.  

Latino Victory


Latino Victory is made up of three entities that are dedicated to building Latino representation in politics: The Latino Victory Fund, the Latino Victory Project, and the Latino Victory Foundation. The Latino Victory Fund is devoted to increasing Latino political power and representation at every level. According to an analysis in 2018 by NALEO, Latinos in the United States saw an incredibly low representational rate in politics of just 1.2% despite being the second-largest ethnic group in the nation. That needs to change!

Change comes with action, and one of the biggest things we all can do to help increase representation in our government is to get out and vote! Your vote really does matter and can help create a more equitable and inclusive society for us all. Let’s all make a difference today, and vote! Click here to make sure you are registered.


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